Hello married girls and friends!!! My name is Sara Thomas and am married to an Army Men five years ago. Soon after the marriage, my husband is posed to Iraq and came back in after four years.  On his return, I experienced some problems in our married life and I wish to share my feelings and its resolution with the help of MyProtein, which also offer 35% Off MyProteinDiscount Code.

At the time of marriage, I was 23 and my husband was 27.  We stayed together for 3 months and enjoyed the early days of our marriage very well.  We also went to Europe Tour for one month as Honey Moon Trip.  Our relationship suits each other and both are satisfied married couple.

However, after 3 months, we got a shocking news that my husband is posted to Iraq on UN Mission.  The posting was very shocking as we two have just started our married life and need some more time to understand each other.  Since the Army is a well-organized Institution and there is no question of denial or refusal to this posting.  Although my husband also don’t want to go but he had to, being the professional soldier representing his country. And for that he needed to look fit for which we were searching for a protein supplement like Myprotein at a decent price which we manage to get by using code for Myprotein 50% Off

My first experience with Myprotien promo codes

On his day of departure, I was very upset, however, I say him goodbye with a smiling face. I took the posting as positive when I see numbers of soldiers and their families with all smile on their faces.  Obviously they are going for a cause for the country which is a priority for a soldier.

During the period of four years, I live alone at the home, missing my husband, doing nothing.  It was like I have nothing to do in the world and I am living a useless life.  I did not take care of my diet, my health and suddenly I feel myself bulky and lost my figure in a bad shape.  Within a year, I put on 15 pounds weight but I am not interested in keeping me fit and smart until Myprotein discount code came in my life.

After a long period 4 years, I got a message from the Army Head Quarters that my husband is coming back next month.  This news was like a re-born for me.  I was so happy and excited but when I saw me on the mirror, I got a shock to see a fat woman.  Now I have to revisit myself and get ready for my husband to see me as young and smart and he leaves me.  I start thinking to visit some physician and discuss my concerns and resolve them as soon as possible.

The next day, I visited a Physician who as advised me some exercises and told me to take some supplements for my fitness. When I came back to home, I start searching the branded supplements and found one of the top brands in UK named “MyProtein” which provide special vitamins and proteins for newly married girls with an attractive offer of 50% Discount on their Discount Code.  I immediately ordered some proteins and vitamins to get myself fit and smart for my husband.

I started hard exercises to reduce the weight and strengthen my figure and simultaneously started proteins and vitamins for a stronger relationship response to my husband.  Despite, I am able to reduce 20 pounds in one month, I feel myself energetic and fit with “MyProtein” supplements.

Thank you MyProtein for my new born as a fit and smart wife for her husband.

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