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Are you looking for a custom wall paper design because you cannot get it painted on the walls? Well, here we go. At Adairs, you can have as much as super cool and trendy designs not only for your bedrooms but also living room, drawing room and something pretty (at the same time classy) for your kids’ room. Get the amazing discounts at Adairs via Adairs discount code and enjoy up to 50% off on various items such as wall papers.

Two months ago, I decided to repaint all of the walls at my home. Since I was into artistic things from childhood to I decided to paint of them on my own. I took out a lot of designs and wanted to do the wall art on them. I initiated the painting and by hook or crook, I just got one of the walls in my room painted. Yes, it actually looked great.

With all the appreciation from everyone at home, I panned on giving another one a paint. This time it was my ids room. I wanted to give it a classy look yet a little childish at the same time. However, the designs that I wanted to have on the walls were too difficult and could not get it painted. So I had to stop right there. My husband suggested me a few other designs but since I am a choosy person and when I want something a certain way, I just want it that way. There are no other options and second thoughts about it especially when you have a promo code for Adairs.

Removable Wall Papers Story with Adairs Coupon Code 2020

So I started giving thoughts to it about how can I get it done. I talked to a number of professional wall art designers and artists but they too refused. Then I saw one website named Adairs. To be very honest, I don’t believe in online shopping because obviously I had really bad experiences ding that initially. This was the first time; I was taking this big of a risk.

I showed them the designs and they told me to get almost the similar designs in wallpapers printed which I can get stick to my house’s walls. Initially, I was nervous about the plan but as I talked to the industry experts and experienced as well as professional interior decorators at Adairs, I felt satisfied as they had immense knowledge about art and designing.

I ordered the wallpapers according to the design that matched the design I chose in the first place. It took almost 5-7 days to deliver the order at my home and got concessions using Adairs student discount. I was so excited about the wallpaper, that right after it got delivered, I just did not take any other moment and got it out.

I took a long breath as I saw the design in original. It was almost close to what I had been pursuing for my kids’ room. Waited for my husband to come and together, we got them stick on the wall. It was really fun activity for the kids’ as well, since they never had been able to indulge into such activity as any wall in our house are painted.

All in all, it was a fun experience not only for me but for my family as well. The final outlook of the room was tremendously awesome. Everyone at home including kids like it.

That’s to Adairs! My faith in online shopping has finally been restored.

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