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Tune Name UsedMaster Tune NamePerson or SourceRole
Ach bleib mit deiner GnadeCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Ach Gott, wem soll ich klagenForgiveness (Gesius)Gesius, Bartholomaeus (circa 1555-1613)Composer
All Things BrightAll Things BrightOuseley, Rev. Sir Frederick Arthur Gore (1825-1889)Composer
All Things Bright and BeautifulAll Things Bright and BeautifulMonk, William Henry (1823-1889)Composer
AlphegeSt. AlphegeGauntlett, Henry John (1805-1876)Composer
ArgyleArgyleTurpin, Edmund Hart (1835-1907)Composer
AutumnAutumn (Iliffe)Iliffe, Frederick (1847-1928)Composer
BartonKocherKnecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)Composer
BremenCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Bremen (Christus der is mein Leben)CanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
CanaCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
CarlsruheCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Christus der ist (Volpius)CanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Christus der ist mein LebenCanaBach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)Harmonization
Christus der ist mein LebenCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
ClunyKocherGerman MelodySource
College ChapelCollege ChapelSharpley, Rev. Arthur Edward (?-1949)Composer
DevonshireDevonshire (Traditional)English MelodySource
EdenEden (St. Alban’s)St. Alban’s Tune BookSource
EdenEden (Steggall)Steggall, Charles Henry (1826-1905)Composer
ExcelsiorExcelsior (Booth)Booth, Josiah (1852-1930)Composer
ForgivenessForgiveness (Gesius)Gesius, Bartholomaeus (circa 1555-1613)Composer
GartanGartanDix, Leopold McC. L. (1866-1935)Harmonization
GartanGartanOld Irish MelodySource
GleasonGleasonLutkin, Peter Christian (1858-1931)Composer
GoldbachCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Goldbach (Part I)Goldbach (Part I)Havergal, Rev. William Henry (1793-1870)Harmonization
Goldbach (Part II)Goldbach (Part II)Havergal, Rev. William Henry (1793-1870)Harmonization
GospelGospel (Hankey)Hankey, Miss Katherine (1834-1911)Composer
Green PasturesGreen PasturesSherwin, William Fisk (1826-1888)Composer
GreshamGreshamMay, Charles John (1871-1945)Composer
HambridgeHambridgeEnglish MelodySource
HeidelbergCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
Hic Breve ViviturHic Breve ViviturPettet, Alfred (1790-1837)Composer
Hymnary No. 199Hymnary No. 199Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876)Composer
Hymnary No. 600Hymnary No. 600 (Dykes)Dykes, Rev. John Bacchus (1823-1876)Composer
Hymnary No. 612Hymnary No. 612Gauntlett, Henry John (1805-1876)Composer
Implicit TrustImplicit TrustWathall, Alfred George (1880-?)Composer
Imploro TeImploro TeBarnby, Sir Joseph (1838-1896)Composer
KnechtKocherKnecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)Composer
Knecht (Der niedern Menschheit Hülle)KocherKnecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)Composer
KocherKocherKnecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)Composer
KockerKocherGerman MelodySource
KockerKocherKocher, Conrad (1786-1872)Composer
KockerKocherKocher, Conrad (1786-1872)Harmonization
LaurLaurThe Christian Endeavor Hymnal, 1905Harmonization
LeedsLeeds (Lancaster)Lancaster, Joseph (1833-1880)Composer
LincolnCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
LitanyLitany (Sullivan)Sullivan, Sir Arthur Seymour (1842-1900)Harmonization
MagdalenaMagdalena (German)German MelodySource
MamreMilton (Scholinus)Scholinus, Friedrich Karl Ludwig (1772-1816)Composer
MatrimonyMatrimonyStainer, Sir John (1840-1901)Composer
MeadowsMeadowsWhite, Rev. Lewis Meadows (1860-1950)Composer
Mein LebenCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Based on
Mein LebenCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
MiltonMilton (Scholinus)Scholinus, Friedrich Karl Ludwig (1772-1816)Composer
MintoMinto (Kocher)Kocher, Conrad (1786-1872)Composer
MorlaixKocherKnecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)Composer
Morning LightMorning LightE. T.Composer
NazarethNazareth (Barnby)Barnby, Sir Joseph (1838-1896)Composer
PastorCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
RemembranceRemembranceBooth, Josiah (1852-1930)Composer
SacrificeSacrificeLahee, Henry (1826-1912)Composer
St. AlphegeSt. AlphegeGauntlett, Henry John (1805-1876)Composer
St. BenetSt. Benet (Ancient)Ancient MelodySource
St. BenetSt. Benet (Gauntlett)Gauntlett, Henry John (1805-1876)Composer
St. BronaghSt. BronaghMarchant, Charles George (1857-1920)Composer
St. GilesMatrimonyStainer, Sir John (1840-1901)Composer
St. MabynSt. Mabyn (Humphreys)Humphreys, Rev. Frank L.Composer
St. MargaretSt. Margaret (Statham)Statham, Rev. William (1832-1898)Composer
St. Mary MagdaleneSt. Mary MagdaleneJeboult, Harold Arthur (1871-1925)Composer
St. TheodulphSt. TheodulphTeschner, Melchior (1584-1635)Composer
St. VictorSt. VictorRedhead, Richard (1820-1901)Composer
SylvesterSylvesterCamp, John Spencer (1858-1946)Composer
VulpiusCanaBach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)Harmonization
VulpiusCanaMonk, William Henry (1823-1889)Harmonization
VulpiusCanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
WeimarWeimar IIGerman MelodySource
Weimar (Christus, der ist mein Leben)CanaVulpius, Melchior (1560-1616)Composer
White RobesWhite RobesFarrer, John Downing (1829-1919)Composer
TitlePerson or SourceRole
A Great and Mighty WonderGermanus, St. (634-734)Author
A Great and Mighty WonderNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
Abide with Us, Our SaviorAnonymous, EnglishTranslator
Abide with Us, Our SaviorStegmann, Joshua (1588-1632)Author
All Glory, Laud, and HonorNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
All Glory, Laud, and HonorTheodulph of Orleans (circa 750-821)Author
All Things Bright and BeautifulAlexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances Humphreys (1818-1895)Author
Another Year Is DawningHavergal, Miss Frances Ridley (1836-1879)Author
Be Present, Holy FatherHymnal Noted, Rev. John Mason Neale, 1854Source
Be Present, Holy FatherNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
Be Present, Holy FatherPrudentius, Aurelius Clemens (348-413)Author
Behold, How Good and PleasantUnited Presbyterian PsalterSource
Bowed Low in SupplicationHow, Bishop William Walsham (1823-1897)Author
Brief Life Is Here Our PortionAnonymous, LatinAuthor
Brief Life Is Here Our PortionBernard of Cluny (12th century)Author
Brief Life Is Here Our PortionNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
Draw Us to Thee, Lord JesusFuncke, Frederick (1642-1699)Author
Draw Us to Thee, Lord JesusWinkworth, Miss Catherine (1829-1878)Translator
Father, Hear Thy Children’s CallPollock, Rev. Thomas Benson (1836-1896)Author
For Thee, O Dear, Dear CountryBernard of Cluny (12th century)Author
For Thee, O Dear, Dear CountryNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
Forgive Them, O My FatherAlexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances Humphreys (1818-1895)Author
God Is My Strong SalvationMontgomery, James (1771-1854)Author
I Worship Thee, Lord JesuLittledale, Rev. Richard Frederick (1833-1890)Author
In Paradise ReposingLittledale, Rev. Richard Frederick (1833-1890)Author
In the Roll-Call of God’s SonsAlexander, Mrs. Cecil Frances Humphreys (1818-1895)Author
Jerusalem, the Glorious!Bernard of Cluny (12th century)Author
Jerusalem, the Glorious!Mediaeval Hymns (Neale), 1851Source
Jerusalem, the Glorious!Neale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
Jerusalem the HeavenlyAnonymous, LatinAuthor
Jerusalem the HeavenlyHymnary, The (edited by William Cooke and Benjamin Webb), 1872Reviser
Jerusalem the HeavenlyHymns Translated from the Paris Breviary (Williams), 1839Source
Jerusalem the HeavenlyParis Breviary, 1736Source
Jerusalem the HeavenlyWilliams, Rev. Isaac (1802-1865)Translator
Lead, Holy Shepherd, Lead UsClement of Alexandria (Titus Flavius Clemens) (circa 170-circa 220)Author
Lead, Holy Shepherd, Lead UsMacGill, Rev. Hamilton Montgomerie (1807-1880)Translator
Looking Upward Every DayButler, Miss Mary (1841-1916)Author
Lord Jesus, by Thy PassionLittledale, Rev. Richard Frederick (1833-1890)Author
Lord, Who Shall Sit Beside Thee?Romanis, Rev. William (1824-1899)Author
O, for the Robes of WhitenessSmith, Mrs. Caroline Louisa (Sprague) (1827-1886)Author
O Happy Band of PilgrimsAnonymous, GreekBased on
O Happy Band of PilgrimsHymns of the Eastern Church (Neale), 1862Source
O Happy Band of PilgrimsJoseph the Hymnographer (?-883)Author
O Happy Band of PilgrimsJoseph the Hymnographer (?-883)Based on
O Happy Band of PilgrimsNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Author
O Happy Band of PilgrimsNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
O Heavenly JerusalemAnonymous, LatinAuthor
O Heavenly JerusalemWilliams, Rev. Isaac (1802-1865)Author
O Heavenly JerusalemWilliams, Rev. Isaac (1802-1865)Translator
O Jesu, Thou Art PresentLeefe, Miss Isabella (1831-1902)Author
O Jesus, Ever PresentTuttiett, Rev. Lawrence (1825-1897)Author
O Lamb of God Most LowlyAnonymous, EnglishAuthor
O That the Lord’s SalvationLyte, Rev. Henry Francis (1793-1847)Author
O That the Lord’s SalvationThe Spirit of the Psalms, 1834Source
O Word of God IncarnateHow, Bishop William Walsham (1823-1897)Author
Slowly, Slowly DarkeningGreg, Samuel (1804-1877)Author
Tell Me the Old, Old StoryHankey, Miss Katherine (1834-1911)Author
Tell Me, Whom My Soul Doth LoveWolcott, Rev. Samuel (1813-1886)Composer
The Darkness Now Is OverAnonymous, EnglishAuthor
The Darkness Now Is OverE. T.Author
The Darkness Now Is OverTurney, Mrs. Emma Bolwell (1819-1851)Author
The Lord Is King, and WearethWither, George (1588-1667)Author
The Shepherd Now Was SmittenBrunetière, Guillaume de la (?-1702)Author
The Shepherd Now Was SmittenCompilers, Hymns Ancient and ModernReviser
The Shepherd Now Was SmittenPott, Rev. Francis (1832-1909)Translator
The Voice That Breathed O’er EdenKeble, Rev. John (1792-1866)Author
The Voice That Breathed O’er EdenSalisbury Hymn-bookSource
The World Is Very EvilBernard of Cluny (12th century)Author
The World Is Very EvilNeale, Rev. John Mason (1818-1866)Translator
The Year Is Swiftly WaningHow, Bishop William Walsham (1823-1897)Author
There Is a Fire in ZionEddis, Edward Wilton (1825-1905)Author
Thou Standest at the AltarEddis, Edward Wilton (1825-1905)Author
We Lift Our Hearts, O FatherWelch, Rev. Edward Ashurst (1860-1932)Author
We Praise Thy Grace, O SaviorHow, Bishop William Walsham (1823-1897)Author
What Sweet of Life EndurethJohn, St., of Damascus (circa 696-749)Author
What Sweet of Life EndurethRiley, John Athelstan Laurie (1858-1945)Translator
What Though Thy Sons Be SleepingFarmer, SarahAuthor