Hymnal Contents

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#TitleOriginal TitleAuthorTuneComposer
001Jesus, Lord, Forever LivingRev. Edward A. Collier, 1890Lauda Sion SalvatoremGerard F. Cobb (1838-1904)
002aO Day of Rest and GladnessBishop Christopher Wordsworth, 1858CambridgeSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
002bO Day of Rest and GladnessBishop Christopher Wordsworth, 1858MiriamJoseph P. Holbrook (1822-1888)
003aThe Dawn of God’s New SabbathMrs. Ada Cambridge Cross, 1866BoltonJames Walch (1837-1901)
003bThe Dawn of God’s New SabbathMrs. Ada Cambridge Cross, 1866MendebrasLowell Mason (1792-1872)
004Open Now Thy Gates of BeautyThut mir auf die schöne PforteRev. Benjamin Schmolck, 1704, Translation by Catherine Winkworth, 1862NeanderRev. Joachim Neander (1650-1680)
005Safely, Through Another WeekRev. John Newton, 1774SabbathLowell Mason (1792-1872)
006To Thee, My God and SaviorRev. Thomas Haweis, 1792ParkerHoratio W. Parker (1863-1919)
007Thine Holy Day’s ReturningRev. Ray Palmer, 1834ParkerHoratio W. Parker (1863-1919)
008Father, Again in Jesus’ Name We MeetLady Lucy Elizabeth Georgiana Whitmore, 1824DalkeithThomas Hewlett (1845-1874)
009Again Returns the Day of Holy RestWilliam Mason, 1796HeriotJohn Thomas Musgrave (1851-1920)
010Welcome, Delightful MornHayward, in John Dobell’s Collection, 1806LischerFriedrich J. C. Schneider (1786-1853)
011Lord of the Worlds AboveRev. Isaac Watts, 1719LischerFriedrich J. C. Schneider (1786-1853)
012Awake, Ye Saints, Awake!Miss Elizabeth Scott, 1756, and Rev. Thomas Cotterill, 1810LischerFriedrich J. C. Schneider (1786-1853)
013How Charming Is the PlaceRev. Samuel Stennett, 1772BenedictusJ. Baptiste Calkin (1827-1905)
014Hail to the Sabbath DayRev. Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch, 1832BenedictusJ. Baptiste Calkin (1827-1905)
015Welcome, Sweet Day of RestRev. Isaac Watts, 1709LisbonDaniel Read (1757-1836)
016This Is the Day of LightRev. John Ellerton, 1868SwabiaGerman
017Sing to the Lord, Our MightRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834SwabiaGerman
018Sweet Is the Work, O LordMiss Harriet Auber, 1829St. MichaelJohn Daye (1522-1584)
019Blest Day of God, Most Calm, Most BrightRev. John Mason, 1683SohoSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
020Arise, O King of Grace, AriseRev. Isaac Watts, 1719SohoSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
021With Joy We Hail the Sacred DayMiss Harriet Auber, 1829AllingtonArthur H. Mann (1850-1929)
022O Very God of Very GodRev. John Mason Neale, 1842Land of RestRichard S. Newman
023Come, Thou Desire of All Thy Saints!Miss Anne Steele, 1760MearAmerican, 1726
024Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt HearRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WarwickSamuel Stanley (1767-1822)
025This Is the Day the Lord Hath MadeRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WarwickSamuel Stanley (1767-1822)
026Early, My God, Without DelayRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WarwickSamuel Stanley (1767-1822)
027Behold We Come, Dear Lord, to TheeJohn Austin, 1668MapletonW. H. Tutt (1860-?)
028My Lord, My Love, Was CrucifiedRev. John Mason, 1683MapletonW. H. Tutt (1860-?)
029Again Our Earthly Cares We LeaveRev. John Newton, 1779, Verse 1, Thomas Cotterill, 1819AustinAnonymous
030Forth from the Dark and Stormy SkyBishop Reginald Heber, 1820St. CatherineJames G. Walton (1821-1905)
031Sweet Is the Work, My God, My KingRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WalthamJ. Baptiste Calkin (1827-1905)
032All People That on Earth Do DwellRev. William Kethe, 1561Old HundredthLouis Bourgeois (circa 1510-circa 1561)
033How Pleasant, How Divinely FairRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WarehamWilliam Knapp (1698-1768)
034Another Six Day’s Work Is DoneRev. Joseph Stennett, 1712WarehamWilliam Knapp (1698-1768)
035Come, Dearest Lord, Descend and DwellRev. Isaac Watts, 1709WarehamWilliam Knapp (1698-1768)
036Lord, We Come Before Thee NowRev. William Hammond, 1745HammondSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
037To Thy Temple I RepairJames Montgomery, 1812ConstanceAnonymous
038Come, My Soul, Thy Suit PrepareRev. John Newton, 1779TheodoraGeorge F. Handel (1685-1759)
039On This Day, the First of DaysDie parente temporumTranslation by Rev. Sir Henry Williams Baker, 1861TheodoraGeorge F. Handel (1685-1759)
040Hail! Sacred Day of Earthly RestRev. Godfrey Thring, 1858WrefordRev. Edmund S. Carter (1845-1923)
041Praise the Lord, His Glories ShowRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834RolandCaleb Simper (1857-1942)
042With Joy We Lift Our EyesRev. Thomas Jervis, 1795BlaydonH. Walmsley Little (1853-1913)
043Welcome, Sacred Day of Rest!William Brown, 1822CranstonErnest C. Winchester, (1854-1916)
044Pleasant Are Thy Courts AboveRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834MaidstoneWalter B. Gilbert (1829-1910)
045In Thy Name, O Lord, AssemblingRev. Thomas Kelly, 1815St. RaphaelEdward J. Hopkins (1818-1901)
046Break Thou the Bread of LifeMiss Mary A. Lathbury, 1880Bread of LifeWilliam F. Sherwin (1826-1888)
047Holy Offerings, Rich and RareRev. John Samuel Bewley Monsell, 1871Holy OfferingsRichard Redhead (1820-1901)
048Almighty Father, Heaven and EarthRev. Edward Arthur Dayman, 1868StreathamRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
049O Praise Our God TodayRev. Sir Henry Williams Baker, 1861VigilGiovanni Paisiello (1741-1816)
050We Give Thee but Thine OwnBishop William Walsham How, 1854VigilGiovanni Paisiello (1741-1816)
051Lord of Glory, Who Hast Bought UsMrs. Eliza Sibbald Alderson, 1868CharityArranged from Friedrich von Flotow (1812-1883), by Hubert Platt Main (1839-1925)
052When Jesus Dwelt in Mortal ClayRev. Thomas Gibbons, 1784BishopJoseph P. Holbrook (1822-1888)
053O Thou Great Teacher from the SkiesThomas Cogswell Upham, 1872RichUzziah C. Burnap (1834-1900)
054Jesus, Our Lord, How Rich Thy Grace!Rev. Philip Doddridge, 1740RichUzziah C. Burnap (1834-1900)
055Lord, Lead the Way the Savior WentRev. William Croswell, 1831BrowningUzziah C. Burnap (1834-1900)
056O Lord of Heaven and Earth and SeaBishop Christopher Wordsworth, 1862AlmsgivingRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
057O God of Mercy, God of MightRev. Godfrey Thring, 1879ElmhurstEdwin D. Drewett (1850-1924)
058Father of Our Feeble RaceRev. John Taylor, 1799SpringfieldEdward Minshall (1845-?)
059Bending Before Thee, Let Our Hymn Go UpwardsLord John Coleridge (1821-1894)WortmanC. E. Kingsbury (1833-?)
060Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We RaiseRev. John Ellerton, 1866EllersEdward J. Hopkins (1818-1901)
061Now May He Who from the DeadRev. John Newton, 1779CantoneArthur H. Mann (1850-1929)
062The Shadows of the Evening HoursMiss Adelaide Anne Proctor, 1858St. LeonardHenry Hiles (1826-1904)
063The Lord Be with Us as We BendRev. John Ellerton, 1872BelmontSamuel Webbe (1740-1816)
064Lord, at This Closing HourRev. Eleazer Thompson Fitch, 1845MonsellSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
065Our Day of Praise Is DoneRev. John Ellerton, 1867MonsellSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
066O God, by Whom the Seed Is GivenBishop Reginald Heber, 1827StaniforthAlfred G. Mortimer (1848-1924)
067Savior, Now the Day Is EndingMiss Sarah Doudney, 1881Vesper HymnDimitri S. Bortniansky (1751-1825)
068May the Grace of Christ Our SaviorRev. John Newton, 1779PeaceAnonymous
069Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy BlessingRev. Robert Hawker, 1774PeaceAnonymous
070Lo, the Day of Rest DeclinethRev. Chandler Robbins, 1845PeaceAnonymous
071Call Jehovah Thy SalvationJames Montgomery, 1822FaithArranged from Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
072Gently, Lord, O Gently Lead UsThomas Hastings, 1830StockwellDarius E. Jones (1815-1881)
073aLord, Dismiss Us with Thy BlessingRev. John Fawcett, 1774TheydonCharles A. Barry (1830-1915)
073bLord, Dismiss Us with Thy BlessingRev. John Fawcett, 1774GreenvilleJean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
074aKeep Us, Lord, O Keep Us EverRev. Thomas Kelly, 1809TheydonCharles A. Barry (1830-1915)
074bKeep Us, Lord, O Keep Us EverRev. Thomas Kelly, 1809GreenvilleJean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
075aGod of Our Salvation, Hear UsRev. Thomas Kelly, 1809TheydonCharles A. Barry (1830-1915)
075bGod of Our Salvation, Hear UsRev. Thomas Kelly, 1809GreenvilleJean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)
076aSweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We GoRev. Frederick W. Faber, 1849St. MatthiasWilliam H. Monk (1823-1889)
076bSweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We GoRev. Frederick W. Faber, 1849SwithumAlan Gray (1855-1935)
077Book of Grace, and Book of Glory!Thomas MacKellar, 1843MansfieldEdmund H. Turpin (1835-1907)
078aLord, Thy Word AbidethRev. Sir Henry Williams Baker, 1861PetroxRev. William Boyd (1847-1928)
078bLord, Thy Word AbidethRev. Sir Henry Williams Baker, 1861RimbaultEdward F. Rimbault (1816-1876)
079To Thee, O God, We Render ThanksRev. Godfrey Thring, 1880CurzonArthur H. Mann (1850-1929)
080The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, LordRev. Isaac Watts, 1719UxbridgeLowell Mason (1792-1872)
081God, in the Gospel of His SonRev. Benjamin Beddome, 1787, Rev. Thomas Cotterill, 1810UxbridgeLowell Mason (1792-1872)
082A Glory Gilds the Sacred PageWilliam Cowper, 1772BurlingtonJohn F. Burrowes (1787-1852)
083Father of Mercies, in Thy WordMiss Anne Steele, 1760Nox PrecessitJ. Baptiste Calkin (1827-1905)
084Lamp of Our Feet, Whereby We TraceBernard Barton, 1827Nox PrecessitJ. Baptiste Calkin (1827-1905)
085aHow Precious Is the Book DivineRev. John Fawcett, 1782StaffordJ. Varley Roberts (1841-1920)
085bHow Precious Is the Book DivineRev. John Fawcett, 1782ClintonAlbert L. Peace (1844-1912)
086aThere Is a Book, Who Runs May ReadRev. John Keble, 1827StaffordJ. Varley Roberts (1841-1920)
086bThere Is a Book, Who Runs May ReadRev. John Keble, 1827ClintonAlbert L. Peace (1844-1912)
087aHow Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?Rev. Isaac Watts, 1719StaffordJ. Varley Roberts (1841-1920)
087bHow Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?Rev. Isaac Watts, 1719ClintonAlbert L. Peace (1844-1912)
088O Word of God IncarnateBishop William Walsham How, 1867AureliaSamuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-1876)
089Behold, the Morning SunRev. Isaac Watts, 1719St. OlafFranz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
090The Heavens Declare Thy GloryRev. Thomas Rawson Birks (1810-1883)Cœli Enarrant GloriamSir Robert P. Stewart (1825-1894)
091Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty WordWalte fürder, nah und fernJonathan Friedrich Bahnmaier, 1823, Translation by Miss Catherine Winkworth, 1858EllinghamS. N. Godfrey
092Come, Thou Almighty KingRev. Charles Wesley, 1757Italian HymnFelice de Giardini (1716-1796)
093Thou, Lord, Art God AloneRev. Edward A. Collier, 1890Italian HymnFelice de Giardini (1716-1796)
094O Holy Father, Who Hast Led Thy ChildrenBishop William Croswell Doane, 1886Ancient of DaysJ. Albert Jeffrey (1855-1929)
095Sing to the Lord a Joyful SongRev. John Samuel Bewley Monsell, 1862BarnbySir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
096We Give Immortal PraiseRev. Isaac Watts, 1709NorwoodSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
097Eternal Father, When to TheeRev. Hervey Doddridge Ganse, 1872GrostetteHenry W. Greatorex (1813-1858)
098Father of Heaven, Whose Love ProfoundRev. Edward Cooper, 1805GrostetteHenry W. Greatorex (1813-1858)
099Glory Be to God the FatherRev. Horatius Bonar, 1866WarrenSamuel P. Warren (1841-1915)
100Father, at Thy Footstool SeeRev. Charles Wesley, 1749EliArranged from Sir Michael Costa (1810-1884)
101Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!Bishop Reginald Heber, 1827NicæaRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
102Sweet the Time, Exceeding SweetRev. George Burder, 1779WoodwardWilliam W. Woodward (1822-1882)
103Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of HostsBishop Christopher Wordsworth, 1862SheppardJ. Hallett Sheppard (1835-1879)
104Three in One, and One in ThreeGilbert Rorison, 1850SteggallCharles Steggall (1826-1905)
105Holy, Holy, Holy, LordRev. Hervey Doddridge Ganse, 1872TulfordEdward J. Hopkins (1818-1901)
106From the Vast and Veiled ThrongRev. Hervey Doddridge Ganse, 1872GanseC. Lee Williams (1851-1935)
107The God of Abraham PraiseRev. Thomas Olivers, 1770LeoniArranged by Sir Michael Costa (1810-1884)
108The Lord Jehovah ReignsRev. Isaac Watts, 1709HaddamArranged by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)
109The Lord Jehovah LivesThomas Hastings, 1847HaddamArranged by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)
110God Is Love; That Anthem OldenRev. John Samuel Bewley Monsell, 1864LeslieHenry D. Leslie (1822-1896)
111Angel Voices, Ever SingingRev. Francis Pott, 1871Angel VoicesSir Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)
112Now Thank We All Our GodNun danket alle GottRev. Martin Rinkart, 1644, Translation by Miss Catherine Winkworth, 1858WittemburgJohann Cruger (1598-1662)
113aGod the Lord a King RemainethRev. John Keble, 1836Day of PraiseMyles B. Foster (1851-1922)
113bGod the Lord a King RemainethRev. John Keble, 1836Regent SquareHenry Smart (1813-1879)
114The God of Love My Shepherd IsGeorge Rawson (1807-1889)ThringSir John Goss (1800-1880)
115The King of Love My Shepherd IsRev. Sir Henry Williams Baker, 1868Dominus Regit MeRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
116Praise, My Soul, the King of HeavenRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834Lauda Anima MeaSir John Goss (1800-1880)
117Heaven and Earth, and Sea and AirRev. Joachim Neander (1650-1680)FerrierRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
118O Bless the Lord, My SoulRev. Isaac Watts, 1719AdrianJohn E. Gould (1822-1875)
119Come, Sound His Praise AbroadRev. Isaac Watts, 1719AdrianJohn E. Gould (1822-1875)
120Stand Up, and Bless the LordJames Montgomery, 1825AmertonW. Battison Haynes (1859-1900)
121Sound Aloud Jehovah’s PraisesRev. Henry Arthur Martin, 1870ScholefieldRev. Clement C. Scholefield (1839-1904)
122My Soul, Repeat His PraiseRev. Isaac Watts, 1719St. ThomasAaron William’s Collection, 1763
123While Thee I Seek, Protecting Power!Miss Helen M. Williams, 1786Brattle StreetIgnace Pleyel (1757-1831)
124My God, I Thank Thee, Who Hast MadeMiss Adelaide Anne Procter, 1858WentworthFrederick C. Maker (1844-1927)
125When All Thy Mercies, O My GodJoseph Addison, 1712GenevieveSir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
126O God, Our Help in Ages PastRev. Isaac Watts, 1719St. Ann’sWilliam Croft (1678-1727)
127My God, How Wonderful Thou ArtRev. Frederick William Faber, 1849St. Ann’sWilliam Croft (1678-1727)
128O Lord, How Good, How Great Art ThouRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834St. HughEdward J. Hopkins (1818-1901)
129Great God, How Infinite Art Thou!Rev. Isaac Watts, 1709DundeeScotch Psalter
130In All My Vast Concerns with TheeRev. Isaac Watts, 1719DundeeScotch Psalter
131God Moves in a Mysterious WayWilliam Cowper, 1772EmmanuelArranged from Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827)
132Lift Up to God the Voice of PraiseRev. Ralph Wardlaw, 1803Tallis’ OrdinalThomas Tallis (circa 1515-1585)
133Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly ThemeRev. Isaac Watts, 1707Tallis’ OrdinalThomas Tallis (circa 1515-1585)
134With Songs and Honors Sounding LoudRev. Isaac Watts, 1719HummelHeinrich C. Zeuner (1795-1857)
135I Sing the Almighty Power of GodRev. Isaac Watts, 1715WarriorRev. Archibald Macdonald
136O God, We Praise Thee, and ConfessTe Deum laudamusTranslation by Nahum Tate, 1703WarriorRev. Archibald Macdonald
137Lord God of Hosts, by All Adored!Te Deum laudamusTranslation by John Gambold, 1754, Thomas Cotterill, 1810WilliamsC. Lee Williams (1851-1935)
138High in the Heavens, Eternal GodRev. Isaac Watts, 1719TruroCharles Burney (1726-1814)
139O Come, Loud Anthems Let Us SingTate and Brady’s New Version of the Psalms, 1696NaylorJohn Naylor (1838-1897)
140Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zion WaitsRev. Henry Francis Lyte, 1834NaylorJohn Naylor (1838-1897)
141Before Jehovah’s Awful ThroneRev. Isaac Watts, 1719, Rev. John Wesley, 1741Old HundredthLouis Bourgeois (circa 1510-circa 1561)
142From All That Dwell Below the SkiesRev. Isaac Watts, 1719Old HundredthLouis Bourgeois (circa 1510-circa 1561)
143Lord of All Being, Throned AfarOliver Wendell Holmes, 1848Grace ChurchIgnace J. Pleyel (1757-1831)
144The Spacious Firmament on HighJoseph Addison, 1712HaydnF. Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
145O Render Thanks to God AboveTate and Brady’s New Version of the Psalms, 1696SelborneRichard Redhead (1820-1901)
146The Lord Is King: Lift Up Thy VoiceJosiah Conder, 1824SelborneRichard Redhead (1820-1901)
147Kingdoms and Thrones to God BelongRev. Isaac Watts, 1719GileadEtienne H. Mehul (1763-1817)
148Lo, God Is Here, Let Us AdoreGott ist gegenwärtigGerhard Tersteegen, 1731, Translation by Rev. John Wesley, 1739GileadEtienne H. Mehul (1763-1817)
149When Israel, of the Lord BelovedSir Walter Scott, 1820MelcombeSamuel Webbe (1740-1816)
150Lord, Thou Hast Searched and Seen Me ThroughRev. Isaac Watts, 1719MelcombeSamuel Webbe (1740-1816)
151God Is the Refuge of His SaintsRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WardArranged by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)
152Lord, with Glowing Heart I’d Praise TheeFrancis Scott Key, 1823FabenJohn H. Willcox (1827-1875)
153God Is Love; His Mercy BrightensSir John Bowring, 1825LytheSir John Stainer (1840-1901)
154Songs of Praise the Angels SangJames Montgomery, 1819Prussian HymnAnonymous, from Tucker’s Children’s Hymnal
155God Eternal, Mighty KingTe Deum laudamusTranslation by Rev. James Elwin Millard, 1848NurembergJohann R. Ahle (1625-1673)
156Glory Be to God on HighRev. Charles Wesley, 1739InnocentsThibaut IV (1201-1253)
157Let Us with a Gladsome MindJohn Milton, 1624PosenJohann Anastasius Freylinghausen (1670-1739)
158Holy, Holy, Holy LordBenjamin Williams, 1778PosenJohann Anastasius Freylinghausen (1670-1739)
159O God, the Rock of AgesBishop Edward H. Bickersteth, 1866GarfirthSir Robert P. Stewart (1825-1894)
160Sweet Is the Memory of Thy GraceRev. Isaac Watts, 1719WallheadThomas Wallhead
161We Cannot Praise Thee Now, LordAnonymousCheniesRev. T. Richard Matthews (1826-1910)
162Thou Grace Divine Encircling AllMiss Eliza Scudder, 1852MillsF. W. Mills (1845-?)
163Jehovah, God, Thy Gracious PowerJohn Thomson, 1810MillsF. W. Mills (1845-?)
164Blest Be Thou, O God of IsraelBishop Henry U. Onderdonk, 1826Zion’s DaughterRev. James Baden Powell (1819-1891)
165Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore HimFoundling Hospital Chapel Collection, 1796Zion’s DaughterRev. James Baden Powell (1819-1891)
166Praise to Thee, Thou Great CreatorRev. John Fawcett, 1767Zion’s DaughterRev. James Baden Powell (1819-1891)
167Round the Lord in Glory SeatedBishop Richard Mant, 1837Laudate DominumEdwin A. Bedell (1853-1908)
168God, My King, Thy Might ConfessingBishop Richard Mant, 1824St. OswaldRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)
169Honor and Glory, Thanksgiving and PraiseRev. Edward A. Dayman, 1867American HymnMathias Keller (1813-1875)
170Blessing and Honor and Glory and PowerRev. Horatius Bonar, 1867LeilaArranged from Sir Michael Costa (1810-2995)
171Stars of the Morning, So Gloriously BrightSt. Joseph of the Studium, circa 850, Translation by Rev. John Mason Neale, 1862NealeEdward H. Thorne (1834-1916)
172aO Worship the King, All Glorious AboveSir Robert Grant, 1830HoughtonHenry J. Gauntlett (1805-1876)
172bO Worship the King, All Glorious AboveSir Robert Grant, 1830St. Michael’s (Hanover)William Croft (1678-1727)
173Praise Ye Jehovah, Praise the Lord Most HolyLady Margaret Cockburn Campbell, 1842VesaliusSir E. Cooper Perry (1856-1938)
174Ye Servants of God, Your Master ProclaimRev. Charles Wesley, 1744LyonsF. Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
175The Lord My Pasture Shall PrepareJoseph Addison, 1712BrownellArranged from F. Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
176Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingRev. Robert Robinson, 1758NettletonJohn Wyeth (1792-1858)
177Draw Nigh, Draw Nigh, EmmanuelTranslation by Rev. John Mason Neale, 1851Veni, Veni, ImmanuelCharles F. Gounod (1818-1893)
178Come and Hear the Grand Old StoryRev. Horatius Bonar, 1864SaxtonS. B. Saxton (1827-?)
179O Come, All Ye FaithfulAdeste fidelesTranslation by Rev. Edward Caswall, 1848Adeste FidelesMarco Portogallo (1762-1830)
180O Come, All Ye FaithfulAdeste fidelesTranslation by Rev. Frederick Oakeley, 1841Adeste FidelesArranged by Sir Joseph Barnby (1838-1896)
181Shout the Glad Tidings, Exultingly SingRev. William A. Mühlenberg, 1826Glad TidingsCharles Avison (1710-1770)
182Hark! The Herald Angels SingRev. Charles Wesley, 1739MendelssohnFelix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847)
183As with Gladness Men of OldWilliam Chatterton Dix, 1859DixConrad Kocher (1786-1872)
184He Has Come, the Christ of GodRev. Horatius Bonar, 1857Christmas MornAnonymous
185Hail, All Hail the Joyful Morn!Miss Harriet Auber, 1829Christmas MornAnonymous
186Bright and Joyful Is the MornJames Montgomery, 1825Christmas MornAnonymous
187Holy Night! Peaceful Night!Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht!Rev. Joseph Mohr, 1818, Translation by Miss Jane M. Campbell, 1863Holy NightA. H. Howard
188A Thousand Years Have Come and GoneRev. Thomas Toke Lynch, 1868St. ElwynEdward J. Hopkins (1818-1901)
189Angels, from the Realms of GloryJames Montgomery, 1819Regent SquareHenry Smart (1813-1879)
190aBrightest and Best of the Sons of the MorningBishop Reginald Heber, 1811IngraveJ. Knox
190bBrightest and Best of the Sons of the MorningBishop Reginald Heber, 1811BarrettWilliam A. Barrett (1836-1891)
190cBrightest and Best of the Sons of the MorningBishop Reginald Heber, 1811Morning StarJames P. Harding (1850-1911)
191Christians, Awake! Salute the Happy MornJohn Byrom, 1761YorkshireJohn Wainwright (1723-1768)
192Hark! What Music Fills the Sky!Miss Esther Wigglesworth (1827-1904)St. EanswythJoseph W. Sidebotham (1830-?)
193Blessed Night, When First That PlainRev. Horatius Bonar, 1857St. EanswythJoseph W. Sidebotham (1830-?)
194All My Heart This Night RejoicesRev. Paulus Gerhardt, 1653, Translation by Miss Catherine Winkworth, 1862BrandonFrederick C. Maker (1844-1927)
195O Little Town of Bethlehem!Bishop Phillips Brooks, 1866BethlehemLewis H. Redner (1831-1908)
196Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices?Rev. John Cawood, 1819CawoodGeorge F.-C. Le Jeune (1824-1904)
197On This Night, All Nights ExcellingRev. Edward H. Plumptre, 1866CawoodGeorge F.-C. Le Jeune (1824-1904)
198Bethlehem, of Noblest CitiesO sola magnarum urbiumAurelius Clemens Prudentius (348-413), Translation by Rev. Edward Caswall, 1849StuttgardJohann G. C. Störl (1676-1743)
199Come, Thou Long-Expected JesusRev. Charles Wesley, 1744StuttgardJohann G. C. Störl (1676-1743)
200Shepherds! Hail the Wondrous StrangerThomas Hastings, 1834 (?)NarenzaSir John Stainer (1840-1901)
201aWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by NightNahum Tate, 1703TeignmouthAnonymous
201bWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by NightNahum Tate, 1703SearsSir Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)
202aIt Came Upon the Midnight ClearRev. Edmund H. Sears, 1850CarolRichard S. Willis (1819-1900)
202bIt Came Upon the Midnight ClearRev. Edmund H. Sears, 1850NoelArranged by Sir Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)
203Let Folly Praise That Fancy LovesRev. Robert Southwell, 1592TythertonSir Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)
204Messiah, at Thy Glad ApproachMichael Bruce, 1768ChristmasGeorge Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
205Calm on the Listening Ear of NightRev. Edmund Hamilton Sears, 1834GabrielArranged by Sir Arthur S. Sullivan (1842-1900)
206Joy to the World, the Lord Is ComeRev. Isaac Watts, 1719AntiochArranged by Lowell Mason (1792-1872)
207There Came Three Kings, Ere Break of DayAnonymous, 16th CenturyEpiphanyAnonymous
208Hark! The Glad Sound, the Savior ComesRev. Philip Doddridge, 1735St. SaviorFrederick G. Baker (1840-1872)
209The Race That Long in Darkness PinedRev. John Morrison, 1770HintonS. Austen Pearce (1836-1900)
210O Thou, Who by a Star Didst GuideRev. John Mason Neale, 1844HintonS. Austen Pearce (1836-1900)
211From the Eastern MountainsRev. Godfrey Thring, 1879HamiltonRev. Arthur Wolfe Hamilton Gell
212Give Heed, My Heart, Lift Up Thine EyesVom Himmel hoch da komm ich herRev. Martin Luther, 1524, Translation by Miss Catherine Winkworth, 1858ElliottJames W. Elliott (1833-1915)
213All Praise to Thee, Eternal LordGelobet seist du, Jesu ChristRev. Martin Luther, 1524, Translation from the Sabbath Hymn Book, 1858WarringtonRev. Ralph Harrison (1748-1810)
214Of the Father’s Love BegottenCorde natus ex parentis Translation by Rev. John Mason Neale, 1853Corde NatusSir John Stainer (1840-1901)
215Sleep, My Savior, SleepAnonymousChristmas CarolAnonymous
216Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne and Thy Kingly CrownMiss Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott, 1864MargaretRev. Timothy R. Matthews (1826-1910)
217Jesus, Son of God Most HighRev. Thomas Benson Pollock, 1870AlystonEdward Bunnett (1834-1923)
218A Pilgrim Through This Lonely WorldSir Edward Denny, 1839HulmeG. W. Bird