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O Would, My God, That I Could Praise TheeRev. Johann Mentzer (1658-1734), Translation by Miss Catherine Winkworth (1829-1878)

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1O would, my God, that I could praise Thee,
With thousand tongues, by day and night!
How many a song my lips should raise Thee,
Who orderest all things here aright;
My thankful heart would ever be
Telling what God hath done for me.
2Oh, all ye powers that He implanted,
Arise, keep silence thus no more,
Put forth the strength that He hath granted,
Your noblest work is to adore;
O, soul and body, make you meet
With heartfelt praise your Lord to greet.
3Ye forest leaves so green and tender,
That dance for joy in summer air;
Ye meadow grasses bright and slender,
Ye flowers so wondrous sweet and fair;
Ye live to show His praise alone,
Help me to make His glory known.
4Oh, all things that have breath and motion,
That throng with life, earth, sea and sky,
Now join me in my heart’s devotion,
Help me to raise His praises high;
My utmost powers can ne’er aright
Declare the wonders of His might.
5Oh Father, deign Thou, I beseech Thee,
To listen to my earthly lays;
A nobler strain in Heaven shall reach Thee,
When I with angels hymn Thy praise.
And learn amid their choirs to sing
Loud hallelujahs to my King. Amen.
Psalm118:28Thou art my God, and I will praise thee: thou art my God, I will exalt thee.

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