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Lord, Dost Thou Look from Heaven, and SeeArthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925)

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
846UnitasJohn E. West (1863-1929)Long Meter (

1Lord, dost Thou look from heaven, and see
The peopled earth, between her poles,
And wonder that the thought of Thee
Is still withheld from darkened souls?
2It was Thy will that man to man
Should tell Thy secret, strong and sweet,
Till Truth with rainbow light should span
Thy kneeling sons beneath Thy feet.
3And yet we make not haste to speak
The message that hath waited long;
And souls are sad, and hearts are weak,
And know not what should make them strong.
4The fields are ripe; the laden hills
Have drunk their fill of sun and rain,
The teeming harvest waits and spills
In barren waste the golden grain.
5Lord Christ, our faltering faith increase,
And bid Thy laborers forward go,
Till all have heard the word of peace,
Till all the world its Savior know. Amen.
John4:35Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

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