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Methodist Hymn and Tune Book, 1918068
O Christ, Thine Eyes of Light and LoveBishop Moore Richard Neligan (1863-1922)

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
068DunfermlineScotch Psalter, 1615Common Meter (

1O Christ, Thine eyes of light and love
With Christians always go,
Alike on earth’s green fields above
And in the caves below.
2Thou with the miner in the dark
Dost down the shaft descend;
Thou, while he plies his venturous work,
Art with him as his Friend.
3No midnight gloom shuts out Thy face,
No silence stills Thy voice;
Our Jesus in the dreariest place
Makes faithful souls rejoice.
4Then hear us, Lord, and always bless
Our brethren’s toil and ours;
From danger shield us, and distress,
From sin and Satan’s powers.
5Add strength and skill to venturous limbs;
Our homes with plenty cheer;
And bid our hearts sing gladsome hymns
For joy that Thou art near.
6Then by Thy cross and sovereign grace
Exalt us, Lord, at last,
To wake and see Thy unveiled face,
Where darkness all is past. Amen.

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