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In Excelsis, 1896042
The Sabbath-Day Has Reached Its CloseMiss Charlotte Elliott, 1835

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
042ElmhurstEdwin Drewett, 18878.8.8.6.

1The Sabbath-day has reached its close,
Yet, Savior, ere I seek repose,
Grant me the peace Thy love bestows:
Smile on my evening hour.
2O heavenly comforter, sweet guest!
Hallow and calm my troubled breast;
Weary, I come to Thee for rest:
Smile on my evening hour.
3Let not the gospel seed remain
Unfruitful, or be sown in vain;
Let heavenly dews descend like rain:
Smile on my evening hour.
4Oh, ever present, ever nigh,
Thou hearest the contrite spirit’s sigh;
Jesus, on Thee I fix mine eye;
Smile on my evening hour.
5My only intercessor Thou,
Mingle Thy fragrant incense now
With every prayer, and every vow:
Smile on my evening hour.
6And, oh, when life’s short course shall end,
And death’s dark shades around impend,
My God, my everlasting Friend,
Smile on my evening hour. Amen.

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