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The Mission Hymnal, Enlarged Edition, 1913026
Call Them In! The Poor, the WretchedAnna Shipton

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
026KerrWilliam B. Bradbury (1816-1868)

1Call them in! The poor, the wretched,
Sin-stained wanderers from the fold;
Peace and pardon freely offer!
Can you weigh their worth with gold?
Call them in! The weak the weary,
Laden with the doom of sin;
Bid them come and rest in Jesus!
He is waiting: call them in!
2Call them in! The Jew, the Gentile;
Bid the stranger to the feast!
Call them in! The rich, the noble,
From the highest to the least.
Forth the Father runs to meet them,
He hath all their sorrows seen;
Robe, and ring, and kiss of pardon,
Wait the lost ones: call them in!
3Call them in! The broken-hearted,
Cowering ’neath the brand of shame:
Speak love’s message low and tender!
’Twas for sinners Jesus came.
See the shadows lengthen round us
Soon the day-dawn will begin;
Call them in! The lost and lonely:
Christ is coming: call them in! Amen.

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