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The Church Hymnal Revised and Enlarged, 1892595
Turned by Thy Grace, I Look WithinRev. E. A. Bradley, 1890

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
595aGraceGeorge W. Warren, 1893Long Meter (
595bClolataW. St. Clair Palmer (1865-?)Long Meter (

1Turned by Thy grace, I look within
My restless soul, nor knew till now
The stains I bear, the wounds my sin
Has scarred upon my Savior’s brow.
2The sight afflicts my guilty soul:
My conscience cries and spares me not.
Grief’s bitter waves now o’er me roll:
Tears flow that cannot cleanse one spot.
3O God, my God, I see my sin:
I crucified the Lord of love.
Wormwood and gall I gave to Him;
And sorely grieved God’s holy Dove.
4Turned back and won by grace so free,
My sin confessed I’ll ne’er repeat:
Converted now, my aim shall be
To tread the prints of Christ’s dear feet.
5The wrong my sin has done, confessed,
Return four-fold shall now make right.
My soul shall then by God be blest
Through Christ’s atonement in His sight.
6Forgiveness for the wrongs done me,
With my whole heart I freely give;
’Tis only so that there can be
Pardon from Christ and grace to live.
7My sin thus seen, wept o’er, confest,
Turned from and loathed as paining Thee,
As Thou forgiv’st, O Savior blest,
Is pardoned, cleansed! My soul is free. Amen.

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