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Carols for Use in Church009
Let Heaven and Earth Rejoice and SingTraditional Carol

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
009Let Heaven and Earth Rejoice and SingTraditional CornishCommon Meter (

1Let Heaven and earth rejoice and sing,
Salute this happy Morn;
The Savior Which is Christ, our King,
And on this Day was born.
2Come let us join our hearts to God,
And thus exalt His Fame;
To save us all this Babe was born,
And Jesus is His Name.
3Wise Men and Kings rich gifts did bring
To Bethlehem straightway;
Conducted by a leading Star,
Where Christ our Savior lay.
4O Lord, to Thee all glory be,
Whom Heaven and earth adore,
For our Redeemer we will praise
This Day and Evermore.

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