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Carols for Use in Church004
Stars All Bright Are BeamingRev. Richard R. Chope (1830-1928)

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
004Stars All Bright Are BeamingMr. Moon and W. R. Holt6.5.6.5. with Refrain

1Stars all bright are beaming
From the skies above,
Nature’s face all gleaming,
Shines with Heaven’s own love.
Wake and sing, good Christians,
On this Birthday Morn,
Heaven and earth are telling
God for man is born.
2Here for us abiding,
Cradled in a Stall,
All His glory hiding,
See the Lord of all!
3Born that He might lead us
From this desert home,–
Guide our way, and feed us,
Till the end shall come!
4Thousand thousand blessings
Sing we for His Love,
Choral Hymns addressing
To our Lord above.
5Glory in the Highest,
For this wondrous Birth;
Choir of Heaven! Thou criest
Peace to all the earth!

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Holt, W. R.Composer
Moon, Mr.Composer