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Carols for Use in Church002
The Lord at First Did Adam MakeWest of England, emended

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002The Lord at First Did Adam MakeFrom Davies Gilbert’s Ancient Christmas Carols, with the Tunes to which they were formerly sung in the West of England, 1822Common Meter Double with Refrain (

1The Lord at first did Adam make
Out of the dust and clay;
And in his nostrils breathèd life,
As Holy Scriptures say;
And then in Eden’s Paradise
He placed him there to dwell,
That he within it should remain,
To dress and keep it well.
Now let good Christians all begin
A holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
For this is Christmas Eve.
2And thus within the garden he
Commanded was to stay;
And unto him for statute good
These words the Lord did say:
“The fruit that in the garden grows
To thee shall be for meat,
Except the tree in midst thereof,
Of which thou shalt not eat.”
3“For in the day that thou dost touch,
Or unto it come nigh,–
Or if that thou should’st eat thereof,
Then thou shalt surely die.”
But Adam he did take no heed
To that same only thing,
But did transgress God’s holy Laws,
And sore was wrapped in sin.
4Now mark the Goodness of the Lord,
Which He to mankind bore;
His Mercy soon He did extend,
Lost man for to restore;
And then, for to redeem our souls
From death, and hell, and thrall,
He said His own dear Son should come,
The Savior of us all.
5And now the Tide is nigh at hand,
In which our Savior came;
Let us rejoice and merry be,
In keeping of the same.
Let’s feed the poor and clothe the bare,
And love both great and small,
That when we die, to Heaven at last
Our Lord may bring us all.

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