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Carols for Use in Church001
Sing We Merry ChristmasRev. Crauford T. Bowen (1834-1908)

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
001Sing We Merry ChristmasRev. Crauford T. Bowen (1834-1908)

1Sing we merry Christmas
Christmas blithe and free,
Time of holy gladness,
Mirth and minstrelsy.
Hark! The merry Church bells
Ring out joyously;
Hailing with sweet music
Christ’s Nativity.
2Haste we to His Temple,
Wreath our garlands green,
Deck each arch and column,
Stall and Altar Screen.
Gloria in excelsis;
Hark! The Angels sing!
Gloria in supremis,
To our Infant King.
3Priest, and choir, and people,
Join in concert all,
Sing your loudest praises,
At our Festival.
Joy for us poor exiles,
Dawns this happy Morn;–
Jesus Christ, the Savior,
Unto us is born!