Charles Nutter

Jesus, Thou Everlasting King

Isaac Watts

1 Jesus, Thou everlasting King,
Accept the tribute which we bring;
Accept Thy well deserved renown,
And wear our praises as Thy crown.
2 Let every act of worship be
Like our espousals, Lord, to Thee;
Like the blest hour, when from above
We first received the pledge of love.
3 The gladness of that happy day,
O may it ever, ever stay!
Nor let our faith forsake its hold,
Nor hope decline, nor love grow cold.
4 Let every moment, as it flies,
Increase Thy praise, improve our joys,
Till we are raised to sing Thy name,
At the great supper of the Lamb.

Author’s title: “The Coronation of Christ and Espousals of the Church.” The Scripture basis is Song of Solomon 3:2: “I will seek Him Whom my soul loveth.”

This hymn has been altered in several lines and doubtless improved, yet the merits of the piece belong to Dr. Watts. Like several of this author’s best hymns, it is a prayer-song directly addressed to Jesus. It has had a long career of usefulness. The first and last stanzas of the original are here omitted. From Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Book I., 1709.